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Christopher Thomas | Paris City of Light

Christopher Thomas is an artist who has a reputation of being a city portraitist. His last exhibition “PARIS CITY OF LIGHT” at the Bernheimer Fine Art Photography capture the great cultural capital and the first metropolis of the modern age.

Peter Lindbergh at the Gagosian Paris

Gagosian Paris is displaying photographs by Peter Lindbergh spanning on the last three decades. The exhibition, the first in Paris in more than ten years, will also coincide with the artist 70th birthday.

Edward Weston Auction

A group of 548 photographs by Edward Weston printed posthumously by his son, Cole Weston, were sold at auction by Sotheby’s, New York, on September 30th, 2014. The set contains several famous works by the American photographer, including nudes, desert landscapes, objects and portraits.


Pascal Maitre | Incroyable Afrique

Pascal Maître is a French photo-journalist who has spent his life describing the world and telling the stories of his expeditions. La Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris is presenting an exhibition showing the photographer’s deep 30 years passion for Africa.

Paris through the viewfinder of a Pentax 67 Camera

The video “Paris through a Pentax” features two things I like; Paris and medium format cameras. French advertising agency Maison Carnot has captured the streets and sights in a distinct perspective: through the viewfinder of a Pentax 67 camera.


Morning Sun, 2012

Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman

Combining his interests in art history, photography, painting and assemblage, Richard Tuschman has recreated many of Edward Hopper’s paintings. His work is presently featured at the Kopeikin Gallery.


Re-reading ruins with Davide Virdis

Italian photographer Davide Virdis captures ruins,  forsaken, vacant and uninhabited places in Florence, Sassari, Rome, and Pontassieve, where despite the signs of abandonment, human presence is as alive as ever.


The Weather Diaries | Nordic Fashion Biennale

The Weather Diaries exhibition is a prolific collaboration between some of the most gifted designers of the West Nordic Islands and Cooper & Gorfer. It’s also a short movie and a book published by Gestalten.


Steve McCurry | Children of the OMO | Kara tribe

Children of the Omo by Steve McCurry

American photographer Steve McCurry was invited to the remote Omo Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia by a local charity called Omo Child. The charity founded by Lale Lubuko and photographer John Rowe aims to provide a safe home and education for children and infants who are considered by their tribe to be mingi.


Wynn Bullock, Navigation without Numbers, 1957

Wynn Bullock | Revelations

Wynn Bullock was one of the main figures in the American modernist tradition alongside colleagues and friends Edward Weston, Harry Callahan, and Ansel Adams. The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia has currently in view one of the biggest and most significant U.S. exhibitions of Wynn Bullock’s work in nearly 40 years.


Saul Leiter: Early Black and White

Saul Leiter: Early Black and White Photographs

Saul Leiter was immensely recognised for his color work, however when he started in New York in the 1940s he was also shooting black-and-white. Steidl is publishing a book about his Early Black and White work showing the impressive range of Leiter’s early photography.


Behind the walls © Paolo Ventura

Paolo Ventura: The Man with the Suitcase

Paolo Ventura is a multidisciplinary artist who uses photography to document a fictional reality of his own creation. He carefully builds his own decors consisting of miniature cities, streets, buildings and interiors populated with small men and women.

Eikoh Hosoe: Kamaitachi

Eikoh Hosoe’s Kamaitachi was originally released in 1969. The book was a collaboration with Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of ankoku butoh dance. It documented their visit to a farming village in northern Japan and an improvisational performance made with local villagers, inspired by the legend of kamaitachi, a weasel-like demon who haunts rice fields and slashes people with a sickle.


Hiroshi Sugimoto, The Last Supper: Acts of God

Hiroshi Sugimoto | The Last Supper: Acts of God

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s The Last Supper: Acts of God (1999/2012), is a five-panel photograph, more than 24 feet in length. The artist first created this work in 1999, from a life-size wax reproduction of Leonardo’s The Last Supper.


The Jolly Roger, Ocean City Amusement Park, Ocean City, Maryland, USA, 2011.

Alex Maclean | Understanding the world from above

Alex MacLean is a photographer with a unique perspective and insight. He takes us out of the streets and into the skies, reducing humanity down to the size of a model with his photographs taken from 5,000 feet above the earth in a Cessna aeroplane.