The Elegant Lamps of Madebywho -Lighting
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Snövsen Lamp by Madebywho

The Elegant Lamps of Madebywho

Madebywho, a young Copenhagen-based design bureau, has created some remarkably elegant lamps; the Pine, Snövsen, MyLamp and Beech lamps.

Madebywho minimal aesthetics are based on the use of simple shapes like circles and squares, and the constant references Scandinavian design heritage. Hans Toft Hornemann & Terkel Skou Steffensen, the designers behind the studio, managed to create a recognisable style in few years as a balance between experiment and function. Their line of lamps is good example of this approach.

The Snövsen is a lamp made to fit in every environment. Its frame is made from Danish maple wood, which suits perfectly the thin painted ceramic lampshade. Madebywho used small LED GX53 lamp mounted into the lampshade. The MyLamp Concept is another design where the user becomes a part of the design process: he or she has to create MyLamp by folding and assembling for themselves. The lamp can be used on a desk or hanged on a wall.