Giordano Poloni: Architecture Illustrations -Graphic Design, Illustration
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Velasca Tower - Milan

Giordano Poloni: Architecture Illustrations

Giordano Poloni shows his passion for architecture in his series “Climbing in Love” which he describes as “a personal series about architecture and love stories”.

The Italian illustrator  currently lives and works in Milan where he creates both illustrations and motion-graphics for clients such as WIRED, Random House, Vice Magazine and Smith Journal. These images are made digitally, but they truly  have a vintage feel and highlights a number of impressive buildings from around the globe.

One can also find small little narratives within them, like the illustration where you can see a local Milanese man shouting down to a pretty lady on the street below or the couple kissing in the San Francisco picture.


Unknown Building - Cagliari (Will you marry me?)

Unknown Building – Cagliari
(Will you marry me?)

Painted Ladies - San Francisco

Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Giordano Poloni | St. Stanislaus College - Georgetown (Guyane)

Giordano Poloni | St. Stanislaus College – Georgetown (Guyane)

House in Kobe

House in Kobe

Velasca Tower - Milan

Velasca Tower – Milan

Conestoga Building - Pittsburgh

Conestoga Building – Pittsburgh

Via Cuneo - Milan

Via Cuneo – Milan



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