Increments : art and music collaboration from artists Ross and Evan Lelliott -Art, Graphic Design
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Increments : art and music collaboration from artists Ross and Evan Lelliott

Increments, the first collaboration of the brothers Ross and Evan Lelliott, begins with the Vitamins project combining art and music in equal measures : they are releasing a monthly mix of music with an associated graphic artwork.

increments-vitamin-aGrowing up in Trinidad, the brothers were most certainly influenced by the highly rhythmic and harmonic sounds of Carnival. Vitamins is a six-part, monthly dose of electronic music that has been deconstructed, layered and rebuilt as a radio mix.

It is a combination of the brothers’ passion for music, art and design. The intention of the mix is to create a soundscape of music that is good for you. Selected tracks are organic in composition and cinematic in sound, with a pulled-back tempo, allowing the music space to breathe.

increments-vitamin-cThe motion graphics react and respond intuitively to the sound, creating an immersive and sensory experience.

Vitamin B, the second in the series (released 24.04.14), features soft synths, organic pads and warm vocals.

To mark the culmination of the project in Autumn 2014, as part of London Design Festival in September, Increments will host an exhibition featuring visual sequences to accompany each mix, creating a cinematic and sensory experience, followed by an original debut EP in Spring 2015.

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Jean-Bastien Lagrange

Jean-Bastien Lagrange

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Jean-Bastien Lagrange