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Infographic of a Cup of Tea

Infographic of a Cup of Tea

Infographic of a Cup of Tea. Click to enlarge

This infographic breaks down which brands of tea are the most popular, different techniques of tea preparations, where it’s produced and which countries have the largest consumption. It also explains the health benefits of the beverage.

The beneficial compounds found in green tea powders aren’t as stable as once thought, according to research which will give industry guidelines on the way to better store these powders.

“People drink green tea for health benefits, so they want the catechins to be present,” said Lisa Mauer, a professor of food science. “The instant powder beverages are becoming more popular for consumers, and it’s important to know how storage can influence nutrition of your products.”

Catechins are the source of antioxidants thought to fight heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other health problems. Green tea powders are often used as ingredients in products that are flavored like green tea or tout the health benefits of green tea. U.S. imports of green tea increased more than 600 percent from 1998 to 2007, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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