Polygon Chair by Numen / For Use for Prostoria -Design, Seating
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Polygon Chair by Numen / For Use for Prostoria

The design collective Numen / For Use describe their Polygon chair as typologically derived from the modernist legacy of the Yugoslav design of the 50s and 60s but with a contemporary edge.

The Polygon chair has a retro styling, but it’s all modern in form and function with its complex surfaces and skewed constructive lines. The armchair was designed not to take much space and depending from where you see it, the perspective transforms the triangles that define the orthogonal side view of the armchair, into hexagons and other complex polygons

The Polygon Armchair’s bent steel rod construction further its duality as a retro modern armchair. It’s also made from renewable wood sources and high resilience foam.

Polygon Chair-11

Polygon Chair-10

Polygon Chair-09

Polygon Chair-08

Polygon Chair-07

Polygon Chair-06

Polygon Chair-05

Polygon Chair-04

Polygon Chair-03

Polygon Chair-02

Polygon Chair-01


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Numen/For Use is a design collective working in the fields of scenography, industrial and spatial design and conceptual art. The group first formed in 1998. as a collaborative effort of industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković under the banner For Use.
In 1999. they establish Numen as a collective identity covering all projects actualised outside the sphere of industrial design. The group’s early enterprises are characterized by experiments with impersonal design and radical formal reduction, deeply rooted in the tradition of high modernism and mainly applied to various synergetic total-design projects in Croatia.

They designed objects and concepts for Cappellini, ClassiCon, Desalto, and now Prostoria. Their innovative and revered Revolve sofa bed is the 2012 winner of the RedDot Design Award. Other multifunctional, transformative furniture designs include the Segment seating series for Prostoria.