Prouvé RAW: Office Edition -Design
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Prouvé RAW: Office Edition

Vitra and G-Star are re-issuing a selection of Jean Prouvé’s office masterpieces more than 70 years after their initial creation.

The collection was first conceived to furnish G-Star HQ, but they quickly appeared to be appealing to those who want solid structure in a simple form. The Office collection is the second collaboration between the Swiss furniture design company Vitra and G-Star after the first Prouvé RAW collection.

The pieces were designed in cooperation with the Prouvé family, the new collection is presented in a custom palette inspired by the greens of classic industrial machinery, and features necessary adaptions made by Vitra engineers and made of steel and timber, finished with leather and other premium fabrics.

The Prouvé RAW: Office Edition comprises 10 models that include office chairs, lamps and tables. Each piece is labelled and marked, and will be available from April 2015 at G-Star and Vitra websites.


Lampe de Bureau 1930 : Office Edition


The Prouvé RAW: Office Edition


Fauteuil Direction Pivotant – Cuir 1951


The Prouvé RAW: Office Edition


Fauteuil de Salon Haut 1939 (glides for carpet)


Bahut 1951

Prouvé / Bureau Présidence 1948 (Aletta)

Bureau Présidence 1948 (Aletta)


The Prouvé RAW: Bureau Métallique 1946 (3 drawers)


Prouvé Office Edition Table Flavigny 1945

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