Retegui: Light marble -Accessories, Design, Tables
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Retegui / Petra Solid Side Table

Retegui: Light marble

Retegui have launched  a collection of furniture and objects made out of marble and other composite materials. The novelty is that they invented a new process that considerably lightened the marble while still conserving its legendary strength.

In the core of this family business is a 3D Marble Tech Department that has been testing the boundaries of this incredible material. Claude Retegui, a civil engineer, and his team combine the noble stone with composite materials, originally used in the aeronautic industry like honeycomb aluminum, carbon fiber or glass.

The 3D MarbleTechnology department has developed techniques that enable the stone to be considerably lightened while at the same time ensuring great solidity and strength. These many and varied techniques, which combine marble with composite materials, include: complex bonding, digitally controlled milling, aluminium honeycomb core assembly, and glass fibre or carbon combinations.

Using digital technology allows us to tap into a new type of creativity. We have invested in high-performance industrial tools that for four years have helped us in making bespoke design for not just yachts for our rich clients, but also for major companies like Airbus. We have also worked with the designer Martin Szekely. Now we are developing our expertise in objects and furniture. Marble can do amazing things, says Claude Retegui, the Grandson of the founder.

The collection is a collaboration between engineers and marble compagnons under the guidance of Basque designer Jean Louis Iratzoki. It comprises a the Arin dining table, the Egala shelves, the Petra side table, the Domo tableware and the Batela single tray.


About Jean Louis IRATZOKI

Jean Louis IRATZOKI was born in Donibane Lohizune (St- Jean-de-Luz) in 1965. He obtained a diploma in interior design at the Boulle school in Paris, and later one in industrial design at the “Escuela Experimental de Diseño” in Madrid.
He set up his workshop in the Basque Country in 1998. He works with large and small companies in product design and artistic management. Through special reflection conducted with each company he takes into consideration each company’s culture, history and environment.