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S House on the Riveria by Architect Nicolas Schuybroek

S House, terrasse and the sea

S House : Terrasse and the sea

The S House is a minimalist single-storey holiday home in the South of France, recently completed by Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek (firm NS Architects).

The building, located on the Côte d’Azur (Cap d’ Antibes), is surrounded by the picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean.

The pure, linear structure plays beautifully against the surrounding terrain : This is modern architecture at its finest; linear, geometric, elegant.

Schuybroek’s accomplishment is in both merging and juxtaposing the strong use of concrete with the surrounding lush environment. The single storey linear S House conceived as a volume positioned in its sea-side setting is indeed a volume which provides a sense of constructive continuity : the large openings frame view of the sea and the pool, letting plenty of light into the inner space of the house.

S House, dining room

S House : The dining room

Inside, the same minimal scheme as the exterior architecture, is followed. Screed cement flooring and walls further accentuate simple lines and geometric spaces. Abundant natural light floods inside throughout even through cleverly positioned skylights above the two master bedrooms’ shower stalls and the WC. Furniture in neutral tones and wood-finishes only add to the overall minimalist scheme of the S House (modernist furniture by Pierre Jeanneret).

S House, living room with Jeanneret's chair

S House : The  living room with Jeanneret’s chair

A unique residence with exterior and interior elements which have been prudently designed in order to preserve a balance and soften the harshness which concrete can sometimes exude to some.

S House, bathroom

S House : The bathroom

The NS Architects firm has been listed as one of the 100 best interior design firms in the latest edition of AD France-Collector 2013.

S House, view from the pool

S House : View from the pool

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Jean-Bastien Lagrange

Jean-Bastien Lagrange

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