Solo Cello Hanging Chair by les Ateliers Guyon -Design, Seating
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Solo Cello Hanging Chair by les Ateliers Guyon

Solo Cello Hanging Chair by les Ateliers Guyon

The Solo Cello Hanging Chair is part of a collection of furniture developed by Les Ateliers Guyon. It was made as a custom made for the entrance hall of the ALT Hotel in Halifax.

These chairs made ​​of steel and leather conjure up a contemporary way the elegance of the great Art Deco hotels of the 20s.



Les Ateliers Guyon is a company that offers interior design and custom furniture design suited for commercial and residential customers. Whether it’s for a simple consultation for a key design in hand, we can assist you at all stages of your project. With our innovative ideas, your project will be unique. The most important values of our company are: creativity, quality of service, passion for work work well done, a local superior design and most importantly, listening to the customer.

Photos courtesy of Les Ateliers Guyon