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Zio Lounge Chair & Footstool

Zio family by Marcel Wanders for MOOOI

The Zio family is the collaboration between designer Marcel Wanders and MOOOI. The collection includes a Dining and coffee table, a buffet, a chair along with armchair and its footstool.

Tribù coffee tables by Michela & Paolo Baldessari

Tribù coffee tables by Michela and Paolo Baldessari

The Tribù is a coffee table collection designed by architects Michela and Paolo Baldessari for the italian brand De Castelli. In spite of their heavy material, the tables have a very air-like appearance reflecting the art of ironwork involved in their production.

Thonet's Coat Rack Bench and Arch tables by Front

Studio Front New Collection for Thonet

Studio Front has designed the new Thonet collection. It includes an unsusal Coat Rack Bench and an Arch table. The inspiration comes from the company’s strong history and tradition of working with bent wood.


Shelf light

The recycled innovation of Swine Studio

You might think that Swine Studio has something to do with bacon related product but actually it stands for Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Exploration. They are a London and São Paulo based design studio exploring design through innovation to create everything from luxury pieces crafted from waste materials to small offices that maximize space—all built using recycled materials. their ‘São Paulo Collection’ is inspired by the Brazilian tropical modernism of the 1950’s. Swine has transformed waste materials sourced from the city into a luxury design collection.