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Elliott Erwitt | FRANCE. Bretagne. 1960

Elliott Erwitt | KOLOR

Elliott Erwitt is major figure of modern photography, his black and white ironic-intelligent photographs are among the most recognizable images of street photography. Until now his color work has largely been overshadowed. In Focus is presenting a global premiere 45 colour photographs of the artist .

Robert Capa | Capucine, French model and actress, in her hotel room, Rome, August 1951. © Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos

Robert Capa in Color

Photojournalist Robert Capa has been always considered as a giant of black-and-white photo reportage. Unlike his fellow Magnum colleague, Henri Cartier-Bresson who despised color, he used it on regular basis in the post-war period until 1954.


Hassan Hajjaj | My Rock Stars Experimental

After his Kesh Angels series, Hassan Hajjaj is back with a new project called My Rock Stars Experimental. The photographer uses the same colorful dazzling style to portray nine international musicians.

Sacha Goldberger | Super Flemish

Super Flemish by Sacha Goldberger

It seems that photographer Sacha Goldberger has a curious questions on his mind: what if Superman was born in the sixteenth century? or what if the Hulk was a Duke? and even how might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White? so he created the Super Flemish series setting the present day heroes and villains in the 17th century.

Pascal Maitre | Incroyable Afrique

Pascal Maître is a French photo-journalist who has spent his life describing the world and telling the stories of his expeditions. La Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris is presenting an exhibition showing the photographer’s deep 30 years passion for Africa.

The Jolly Roger, Ocean City Amusement Park, Ocean City, Maryland, USA, 2011.

Alex Maclean | Understanding the world from above

Alex MacLean is a photographer with a unique perspective and insight. He takes us out of the streets and into the skies, reducing humanity down to the size of a model with his photographs taken from 5,000 feet above the earth in a Cessna aeroplane.


Puglia, 1987 © Franco Fontana

Franco Fontana: Full Color

Franco Fontana‘s photos are characterized by bright colours, so vibrant as to appear unreal, rhythmic compositions of overlapping lines and planes, patterns built with light. The Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, is displaying over 130 of his photographs in the first major retrospective devoted to him.


Stephen Shore | Ginger Shore, Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, November 17, 1977

Stephen Shore on his Photography

Stephen Shore has been a key figure in The New Color Photography movement  for over a forty years now bringing serious aesthetic considerations to color photography as an art form.


Marta & Emma

Identical | Portraits of Twins by Martin Schoeller

After his book Close Up; an extremely up-close portraits collection of celebrities, photographer Martin Schoeller is publishing a new one in which he has captured twins (along with triplets and quadruplets) exposing the subtle differences that make these would-be mirror images unmistakably individual.


In No Great Hurry: 13 Life Lessons with Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter is the subject of an upcoming documentary by filmmaker Tomas Leach. The photographer, now in his 80s, is still living in New York City. In a recent interview he explained why he chose to work in color, over the preferred choice of black & white at the time, saying, “I never felt the need to do what everyone else did. And I wasn’t troubled by the fact that other people were doing other things.” These days, he says, “I realize that the search for beauty is not highly popular… Agony, misery and wretchedness, now these are worth perusing.”


The Cameras of William Eggleston

The photograph taken by William Eggleston for WSJ. Magazine of some of his Leica and Canon cameras.

The photograph taken by William Eggleston for WSJ. Magazine of some of his Leica and Canon cameras.

For the June issue of WSJ. Magazine,the legendary photographer William Eggleston agreed to shoot part of his extensive collection of Leica and Canon cameras.