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Tubabu Stool by Martin Azua

Tubabu stool by Martín Azúa

We’re starting to getting familiar with Martín Azúa, here’s another example of his remarkable designs; the Tubabu stool. A three-legged seating with a cord.

Steel stool by Noon Studio

Steel Stool by Noon Studio

Noon studio has launched the Steel stool after two years of development. The “stool” is a no-screw, no-glue system that can be used as a side or coffee table, book holder or shelving system.


Les Nécessaire d’Hermès by Philippe Nigro

Les nécessaires d'Hermès by Philippe Nigro

Les nécessaires d’Hermès by Philippe Nigro

“les Nécessaires d’Hermès” is a 8 pieces furniture collection by Philippe Nigro for the luxury french house. Each piece which composes the set of furniture performs several functions–the ‘essential necessities’ which can be used for sitting down and relaxing, for storage or for concealing incongruous objects.


Saddle magazine rack | Marble version

The Timeless Design of Noble & Wood

Paul Blease, founder of Noble & Wood, describes their work as crafted modernism. The collection launched at Maison & Objet last year showcases elegant design with refined materials.


Georg by Christina Liljenberg

Georg stool and table by Christina Liljenberg

Georg stool and table by Christina Liljenberg

Christina Liljenberg initially made the stool Georg  for the exhibition Mindcraft12. Since then it has grown to a family consisting of stool, bench, mirror, bracket table and clothes rack with hangers.