Waiting | Erwin Olaf -Photography
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Waiting | Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf is presenting his new series titled “Waiting” at the Flatland Gallery in Amsterdam. The photographer tackles an unavoidable element of everyday life; waiting.

Erwin Olaf’s newest body of work is displayed at the Flatland Gallery consisting of a video installation of two films, each 50 min and 13 photographs. Like his prior work, the artist continues to explore the dramatic potential of non-action, the difference in this series is that he removes the temporal uncertainty from the script.

Waiting. There may be no human experience that better exemplifies the tension between perfection and collapse than the act of waiting. It is an unavoidable element of quotidian life, of course; civil society is comprised of a network of systems that require the coordination of innumerable moving parts—human error, incompetence, and inefficiency are embedded in the majority of our social rituals. A seamless existence is a figment of the imagination: we wait in line for coffee; we wait for the mail; we wait for the subway. Or our death. And every moment we wait contains the potential for a vast sweep of emotion, the possibility of evolution—or of devolution, from a condition of intention and poise to absolute disintegration.

The series depicts the subjects as pictures of grace: cosmopolitan in sharply tailored outfits with untroubled faces but as the moments slip by nothing happens and they are trapped onscreen as their patience begins to fray.

Waiting, Shenzhen 1, 2014938

Erwin Olaf | Waiting, Shenzhen 1


Waiting, Shenzhen 2, 2014939

Waiting, Shenzhen 2


Waiting, Shenzhen 3, 2014940

Erwin Olaf | Waiting, Shenzhen 3


Waiting, Portrait 2, Shenzhen, 2014937

Erwin Olaf | Waiting, Portrait 2, Shenzhen


Waiting, Portrait 1, Shenzhen, 2014941

Waiting, Portrait 1, Shenzhen


Waiting, Portrait 1, Nairobi, 2014942

Waiting, Portrait 1, Nairobi


Waiting, Nairobi 3, 2014945

Erwin Olaf | Waiting, Nairobi 3


Waiting, Nairobi 3, 2014944

Waiting, Nairobi 3


Waiting, Nairobi 1, 2014943

Waiting, Nairobi 1


Waiting, La Défense 3, 2014949

Waiting, La Défense 3


Waiting, La Défense 2, 2014948

Waiting, La Défense 2


Waiting, Portrait 1, La Défense, 2014946

Waiting, Portrait 1, La Défense


Waiting, La Défense 1, 2014947

Waiting, La Défense 1


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