Wood and Metal lights by Josie Morris -Design, Lighting, Wall/ceiling lamps
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Wood and Metal lights by Josie Morris


“Handle Pendants” are a collective of lights by the designer Josie Morris that explore how scale and a common detail can be used to create a product family.

pendant_light-josie-morris-3The handle feature acts as a common detail amongst the family, available in a choice of grey corian or walnut wood. High quality and minimalistic in aesthetic, the copper spun shades are also available in two size options. Hung individu¬ally or in clusters the design could be a feature within a classic home interior or contemporary bar or restaurant scheme.

pendant_light-josie-morris-2These lights also won the New Designers Foundry Associate Prize awarded by Foundry Lighting. It was also short listed for the Design Council Future Pioneers award.


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Josie Morris is a recent Northumbria graduate who recently exhibited at New Designers in London.


Jean-Bastien Lagrange

Jean-Bastien Lagrange

Working as Interior Designer in Paris, Jean-Bastien Lagrange has been also involved for a considerable time in its own artistic creation and process, namely in photography.
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Jean-Bastien Lagrange